Organizational Capability Assessment

People, Processes, Systems, Environment & Knowledge needed to maximize Brand & Shareholder value.


Having a believable Destination, well-crafted Strategies and an aligned Organizational structure are critical deliverables of business leaders.  Often however, it is assumed that our companies have capabilities resident to achieve our identified strategies.  In today’s competitive landscape, new strategies often require new or upgraded capabilities in order to achieve the AOP Business Plan.


Our work around the globe has identified 5 different types of capabilities.  Best in class companies ensure these capabilities are not only resident, but interlinked.


  • People: Capacity & competencies (knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviors & experiences,
  • Processes: Reliable, repeatable set of steps that produce a valuable output.
  • Systems: Inter-relationships between parts organized to create a desired outcome / result.
  • Environment: Ambience where work done is conducted by the inter-play of people, processes & systems,
  • Knowledge: Intellectual capital; the institutional understanding of & access to “what, where & why”- that enables the delivery of company mission.


Companies that have an ongoing focus on their organizational capabilities are the ones that enjoy longer employee tenure, engagement and accountability.  Give us a call to discuss how we can help ensure your organizational capabilities are linked to strategy and to those metrics you’ll use to ensure AOP Business Plan success.