Bach & Partners has a history of delivering strong performance, as measured by our Clients bottom line improvement. As an execution-measured company, we establish SMART (Specific- Measurable – Accountable- Relevant – Timebound) objectives and regularly monitored progress.  This includes formalizing updated plan objectives, when new learnings or challenges are incurred as relationship commences.


To name just a few, our highlights include:


  • Converting an OEM supplier to a branded CPG / FMCG manufacturer and distributor, tripling topline revenue and blunting annual cost-focused price negotiation.
  • Expansion of highly penetrated beverage brand into new geographies, through intense focus on DSMPQ plan delivery.
  • Establishing locally-relevant, in-store brand-building, sales oriented campaigns which enjoyed 85%+ execution vs. plan.
  • Develop, test, measure and expand pricing architecture (list price and their discount structures) built on profitable-growth principles to include an implementation negotiation plan.
  • Creating and launching online retailer product availability with supporting ROI-oriented online marketing campaigns.
  • Coaching at Board, executive and senior management levels to create succession plans for several companies top (mission-critical) roles.
  • Mentor Board and executive level on myriad of 3-year and AOP executions via Current Reality reviews
  • Developed and launched leadership development programs, executed in-person, online and in blended learning formats.
  • Coached, mentored and led negotiations in 5 countries, which achieved pre-determined negotiation plan objectives.