Diversity Dimensions

One of the key topics business leaders face today surrounds Diversity and Inclusion.  We have as many as five generations buying goods and services. Today’s millennials remind us of the importance of “purpose-driven work”, which is a key factor in their engagement with the brands they buy and what they choose to spend their money upon.

We’ve identified three dimensions (organizational, external and internal) which impact our ability to have a well-run, diversity-centered business. Being focused on race and/or gender as key measures of diversity are not enough.  In our work around the globe, we find a key shortfall is company leaderships own mental models around what characteristics comprise a truly diverse organization.  As you look at the chart below, ask yourself “Can my company improve its employee engagement through widening the importance it places on Diversity & Inclusion?” 

If the answer is “yes”, give us a call to see where and how we might help.  Our approach goes beyond process and highlights the importance of mentoring and accountability by functional leaders.