Central Question

Growth is the key need of any long-term, sustainable business. Our ability to improve our company performance requires that each business leader own “growth”. Growth can be topline or bottom line focused; it occur within any function / department. Growth can also occur not just in the products and services our company offers, but also in the capability which needs to be resident to sustain results.


In our experience, growth requires an “Agent of Change” mentality, which often requires that we take a 360° view of current reality. Changing current practices often has other, unintended consequences which need to be addressed for the required change to be sustainable, and contribute to business plan growth.


We share with you the approach we use to solve some of the most challenging, growth oriented issues our Clients have faced. The approach starts with identifying a “Central Question”, usually specific and tied to a desired numerical result, then working through six related inputs that we find need to be addressed in order for the Central Question to be acted upon.


Our framework, and the “cheat sheet”, are shared for your consideration. The real value here is the critical thinking that goes into identifying the issue so that real progress can be made in solving the Central Question.

Give us a call and let’s talk about your Central Question(s) to growth – and how we can help you!