Bach & Partners has a respected reputation for its customized and tailored methodologies, drawn from its 15+ years in operation, as well as Mike’s corporate leadership experience prior to forming Bach & Partners.  The company’s hallmarks include expertise in Consumer Package Goods (CPG) / Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) retail plan building leadership (distribution, shelf/search, merchandising, pricing and quality), personnel change management (coaching, mentoring and performance improvement) and negotiation expertise (plan development, BATNA and execution), backed by partnerships with leading specialists in these fields.

To-date, the company has worked extensively in USA, South Africa, Brazil and Canada, with project-based work in Nigeria, Dubai, China, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Spain and Russia.

Working with a network of professional associations, Bach & Partners leverages the most skilled experts in the marketplace to deliver its range of services, including:

  • AOP / Long range business plan creation
  • AOP scorecard creation / monitoring
  • Retailer Management skills / processes
  • Category Management execution solutions
  • Shopper Marketing execution solutions
  • Negotiation skills / confidence training
  • Management Development
  • Leadership development / succession
  • Coaching / Mentoring
  • Design and development of learning resources
  • Change leadership
  • Diversity & Inclusion leadership

At the core of the services we offer sits the successful execution of AOP (Annual Operating Plan) and long range business plan creation, which is co-created through two major plan-building frameworks:  OGSM (Objectives – Goals – Strategies – Measures). Central Questions Growth. Click below to learn more.

Clients often ask for our assistance to achieve a 360 degree view of current reality, which informs, validates and improves the business strategies produced and implemented.  Two current reality tools we use as a cornerstone for plan development are: