What makes Bach & Partners different is its commitment to consistent, project-centric execution and the belief that change needs a leader. We deliver trust, which is generated by the experience our practice brings and our approach to any project undertaken. We build customized project proposals, which begin with the end in mind. This usually manifests itself through a destination which is scorecarded to ensure realism, before we review the current reality.


Typically, these three characteristics are inputs into our formal proposals:

    • SCALABLE: We successfully socialize Best Practices, therefore all encounters (training, mentoring) are scaled to ensure consistency.
    • MENTORSHIP: Real practioners, with deep, relevant and applicable experience, who confidently share real-life successes and failures, all of which resonates in a “can-do” way with participants.
    • STICKINESS: Our approach provides continuous coaching to bring all project concepts to life, allowing participants to confidently instill new practice as part of their ongoing routines.


Change management has two important variables, both of which we positively impact, through intimate one on one conversations, built around trust:

  • Self Awareness
    • Doing this well is a strong predictor of project success and is a core ingredient of emotional intelligence
    • Builds participant confidence and their self esteem
    • Requires introspection; being able to truthfully answer tough question


    • Takes place on two levels; self and within organization.
    • This leads to change, through culture and empowerment